How Adopting Minimalism Can Help in Going Zero Waste

It was my last few days in Bengaluru. Since work from home had happened, I had planned to shift back to my hometown. When I was finally bidding adieu to that place, the vastness of the empty space struck me. The same room which always gave me a feeling of shrinking space, became so large that I could almost sense freedom. For that first time I felt the air is limitless in the space I was standing.

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That very moment made me realize the delusions I had been living in. The need for more, captivated in the handcuffs of materialism. The space had been filled with so much stuff that it just didn't occupy the physical space. But, it engulfed my mindset as well.

I remember, the day my salary was credited, the urge to buy more started building up as well. Never-ending trips to the market, ending with stuff trying to push it through my wardrobe, the doors of which, gave up on getting close.

The freedom I sensed in the space of an empty room, introduced me to the concept of minimalism. It’s a very beautiful process that can be adapted to make life simpler and clutter-free from the inside out.

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How Are Minimalism and Zero Waste Related

As you give up on stuff that you do not need, you also change your perception of your buying behaviour. The urge to buy more reduces and the feeling of having more increases. You cut down on purchasing, which means, cutting down on extra packaging and carbon emissions.

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How Minimalism helps in boosting Circular Economy

When I was reducing my dependency on unwanted stuff I had in my life, I was trying to direct this extra stuff to channels that actually needed them. For example, those extra sets of headsets were given out to children. My extra clothes were given to the daughter of our house helps.

Minimalism Helps You Connect With Nature

Giving up on unwanted material possessions, creates a space and paves way for the time and energy that can be invested on your interests. Spending time with nature is one of them. You can actually feel more connected with your roots and this has drastic change upon our perception when we go out shopping for necessary stuff that we actually need.

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When you feel overwhelmed and anxious, there is just one thing you need to do, try to analyze and retrospect all the things around you. Do you actually need them and they are around because we cling to them despite them being not necessary at all.

Trust me, when you declutter and become more conscious in your buying behaviour, life opens up with so much space and freedom. And, eventually minimalism fosters zero waste living, impacting both, our lives as well as our environment.



Zero waste living hustler and sustainability educator. Trying to change the way we look at trash before it’s too late.

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Fight Waste Hustle

Zero waste living hustler and sustainability educator. Trying to change the way we look at trash before it’s too late.